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Fal Fishery Cooperative CIC

BECOME - A Patron Member for just £5 Per Month

BECOME - A Patron Member for just £5 Per Month

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At a shellfish conference in 2022, we witnessed a very humble presentation from a very modest entrepreneur, who explained one of the most amazing things he had been experiencing, was the encouragement and support he gained from many people donating a small amount each month...

Instead of worrying about affording a big donation, they just donated a small amount every month... He said without this, he would not be able to afford the 12 staff his company now employs...

Just imagine if everyone of you who has spent time on this website, or watched our YouTube films, could contribute just £5 per month, every month, then we would probably be able to afford a member of staff too, that would help out enormously!

If you would like to support us in this way, please purchase one month, and we will contact you with details of how to set up a direct debit to us... then you can cancel at anytime.

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