Ethics & Sustainability

Our Ethical & Sustainability Policy 

In support of our co-workers, which may include
directors, trustees, staff, volunteers, crew, students,
AND all the environments we live, stay or work in,
we make the following pledges:

  • The purpose of our work, which may be part of a bigger cooperation with other individuals, businesses, or regulators, is to address key challenges that affect us all on a planetary scale, to improve the landscapes we live and work in, with zero or minimal impact to our surroundings

  • Our ambitions from our work that we must do, are to provide ethical and viable business models that support the cost of living and provide essential resources for the growing population, while treading very lightly when it comes to impacts on the natural environment, to recycle or repurpose whenever possible, and to have respect for future generations

  • Our targets are to leave more than we take, to reduce unnecessary waste, and reduce or remove our carbon emissions
  • We will monitor, govern, check, and report our work as best we can, and publish our findings online and social media