The Cannery...

The Cannery, Cornish Canning Co.

The Cannery, Cornish Canning Co. Est 2022

After almost a decade of research, planning and fundraising, we have successfully launched Cornwall's 1st Cannery since Mevagissey in the 1940s... 

On 31st March 2023, Cornwall Council awarded the Cornish Canning Co.  'conditional approval' for The Cannery at Mylor Yacht Harbour. The conditions are we need to expand our HACCP documentation, continue with thermal data validation and complete 'end product testing' on our initial batches of canned shellfish.


In The Cannery we operate a 5 rated hygiene program, we hand prepare shellfish and add flavourings.

Thanks to the Co-op Foundations 'Carbon Innovation Fund' we also have an 'irregular can seaming machine', so we hermetically seam the products immediately after canning them, thus eliminating any possible cross contamination.

From there the cans are loaded into a 'retort for the sterilisation process', which was funded by you the crowd via Crowdfunder, over 100 supporters pre-ordered our canned shellfish. 

Finally, when all the data has been analysed and the required F0 number has been validated, we label our cans for dispatch. Check out our dedicated site and give the UK's first canned oysters a try...

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